Axl Rose and his latest group of hired hands dazzled the eyes—-if not necessarily the ears—-of the sold-out Fillmore crowd for three hours early Friday morning. The setting was relatively intimate for a band that’s played arenas, but this Guns N’ Roses (including Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson) still went Vegas Big: There was video, covers (Pink Floyd, The Who, and for some reason the Pink Panther theme), tremendous lighting, more costume changes than Cher, and a steady rollout out of all the hits (and, unfortunately, some of Chinese Democracy). Was it the GN’R of 1988? Of course not. Was the 3 a.m. finish a bit much on a week night? Sure. But did it entertain a crowd that loves these songs? Yeah, I think so.

Check out my slideshow of photos from the show here, and my live-tweets here.