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Last Days Here has received a considerable amount of praise in the past year. This documentary follows Bobby Liebling, the self-destructive founder of legendary D.C. doom metal pioneers Pentagram. Yesterday’s New York Times features a profile of the film, which follows Liebling as he struggles with an addiction to crack. The co-directors, Dan Argott and Demian Fenton, have given numerous promotional interviews in anticipation of the film’s New York City release this Friday. It’s great that D.C. has one-upped New York City again, seeing as the film finally proves Pentagram’s superiority over any metal band in the entire musical history of the five boroughs.

Last Days Here is scheduled to open in the D.C. area on…Waitaminnit! BOPPING BAPHOMETS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? IT’S NOT CURRENTLY SCHEDULED TO PLAY HERE!!?! Well, surely, that’s only because it’s been shown several times already in the District during the past year, right? What?! UNHOLY MOLEY!!!!! Are you for serious? Last Days Here has never screened in a D.C. theater?!! Surely, the Silverdocs fest showed it last year?!! What’s that?? Silverdocs screened perfectly decent documentaries on Jay Reatard, Genesis P-Orridge, and A Tribe Called Quest, but not Last Days Here?!

Unacceptable, D.C. I know Liebling has disappointed his local fans in the past, but this is too much. It will surprise absolutely no one to learn that Last Days Here was screened in Baltimore last May as part of the Maryland Film Festival. At least you can watch the thing on video on demand beginning March 16.

Read my review of Pentagram’s 2011 comeback album, Last Rites. Here’s a scene from Last Days Here: