Latristic, the rock band fronted by Rob Pierangeli (formerly of Casper Bangs), has just released its latest record, The Greyest Shade. Less than a year ago, Pierangeli was trying to raise money for the album via Kickstarter. That didn’t pan out. He wound up funding the record himself.

But Pierangeli’s birthday was on Tuesday, and the release is a kind of celebration. Maybe a self-awakening, too. In an email blast, the musician says, “While making this record I tried to figure out what role music would play in my life moving forward. I came to realize that music is part of who I am, and I believe that there’s value in making something and sharing it with others. Long story short, I’m going to keep making music forever.”

No Latristic shows are planned, but we can probably expect to hear more music from Pierangeli. He’s currently recording new tracks with two prominent local artists, vocalist Lou Lou Ghelichkhani and bassist Conrado Bokoles, under the name Bone, Fur, and Feathers. “We’re currently in the studio and working hard,” he writes.

Below, listen to “Underground,” one of the thundering highlights from The Greyest Shade. And download the whole album for free on Bandcamp.