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Considering his film is titled Garden in the Sea, director Thomas Riedelsheimer spends an awful lot of time above water. The documentary is ostensibly about a sculpture lowered in the Sea of Cortez’s Candelor Bay, one that would pay homage to the natural beauty of the area without significantly altering it. But instead of shots of the finished work—-which consists of perforated, L-shaped walls through which fish can swim and coral can grow—-we get the ruminations of Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias, the somewhat tedious building of the walls, and lots of shots of the surrounding terrain of Baja, Calif., which is magnificent but obviously not “in the sea.” There is, however, also plenty of footage of blue-green waters and fish, which is both gorgeous and sedating. As an underwater cameraman says, “It’s impossible for the occean not to fascinate.”

Garden in the Sea shows tonight as part of the Environmental Film Festival at 7 p.m. at Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. Free.