Next Tuesday, DMV standout RAtheMC will drop her new mixtape, The Grace Jones Experiment, through her own International Tastemakers website. Released today, “OJ Simpson” is the mixtape’s glossy first single, with blaring production and honest lyricism that’s clever, if perhaps somewhat slanderous. (“I’m killin’ bammas like I’m OJ,” she rhymes over triumphant drums.)

Elsewhere, RA seems ready for battle: “I’ve got a couple fans, I would have more if I showed my titties/But I don’t, I cover that, you should be in love with that/You say you want a good girl, but listen to that other rap.” She doesn’t stop there: “These bammas be rappin’ bout the shit they ain’t do yet/Like, how you been on tour on Kanye and I ain’t knew that.”

I don’t know who pissed her off, but I haven’t heard RA this aggressive in a while. Listen and download below.