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Actor/filmmaker Rene Rokk is trying to, uh, scare up at least $20,000 for a short film called The Foxorcist, which his Kickstarter campaign describes as a “parody/satire where two priests come to ‘exorcise’ the ‘demons’ infecting the halls of power in Washington, DC and in the popular shock and awe media outlets.” Rokk says the final film—-which will be produced under the name of his Potomac, Md., company Moonwalker Films—-will be about 20 minutes long.

You can totally ignore the DIY production values and shoddy makeup of the promo video; Rokk says he wants the finished product to look as professional as possible. (Effects specialist Mr. Dead will be handling makeup and Blackwater Video of West Virginia will be involved, too.)

Rokk (who made appearances on Miami Vice and Wiseguy back in the day) will play the possessed; actors Bill Williams and Barton Smith will be the clergy. An October 2012 premiere in D.C. is the goal, just in time for the election. (NOTE: That Kickstarter page really is something; even 50 Cent makes an appearance.)