When Greg Svitil played in the band The Antiques, he had a lyric about “kissing a teething veil,” a reference, he told Washington City Paper in 2007, to a monstrous face cast created by the sculptor Marisol Escobar. For a few years now, Teething Veils has also been the name for his solo work—-a sparse, acoustic project that’ll get a physical release from Exte Records later this year. This week, the local label uploaded to Soundcloud a couple of live-sounding recordings by Teething Veils, including “Cobblestone,” a gravelly narrative that seems to concern the harsh light an environment can place on a fraught relationship. Yeah, there’s some exposition, but the most stirring moments wax impressionistic: “The afterglow is hanging, the gentle lull is prescient, the midnight moon perspires, dripped across our window,” Svitil sings in a tense rasp.

Listen to “Cobblestone” below; there’s also a studio (or at least crowdless) version on Svitil’s own Soundcloud.

Also, coming from Exte Records this month: The debut full-length of art-rockers Silo Halo.