In promoting A.C.R. 1999, a new release of some long-shelved Lungfish recordings, the folks at Dischord say the following: “The band is renowned for intense creative productivity, releasing albums annually from the years 1992–2000. But what is not generally known is that volumes of Lungfish material never saw the light of day.” That’s right, y’all, the cosmos contains many vibrations on Lungfish wavelengths; we mortals must use terms such as “volumes” and “light of day” to understand their punkrock plenitude.

And because our species loves narratives, the story of A.C.R. 1999 goes this way: The obsessiontriggering Daniel Higgs and his bandmates recorded the 10 songs with Craig Bowen at Baltimore’s A.C.R. Studios, but the recordings were never released. Six songs were redone for 2000’s Necrophones (the one with the birds on it). This means that four tracks on A.C.R. (“Symbiosis,” “Screams of Joy,” “I Will Walk Between You” and “Aesop”) are brand new to this earthly realm.

A.C.R. 1999 is out May 14, or 5/14, which is a mathematically tidy day/month combination.