I don’t think I’m going to top this zinger from @JADEDPUNKHULK: “NOW THAT IAN MACKAYE TURN 50, HE START GETTING AARP FANZINE.”

Wait, wait, I got one: Now that Ian MacKaye is 50, maybe he’ll get cranky?

Kidding! Somehow, I don’t think MacKaye’s friends are gathering tonight for an epic roast.

You can probably glean lots of aging-punk resonance from the fact that the guy who led Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Fugazi, and The Evens has now clocked a half century—-but MacKaye, as he frequently reminds grasping interviewers, isn’t especially interested in nostalgia. With a new Evens full-length somewhere on the close horizon, clearly the dude is still looking forward.

So happy birthday, Ian MacKaye. Here’s a video of you making some awesome facial expressions:



Photo by Bert Queiroz/courtesy Dischord