I slept on this earlier this week, but allow me to make up for that: Local producer and DJ Chris Burns‘ debut five-song EP was released on Tuesday. The EP inaugurates 410 Paradox Underground, the new label from longtime Baltimore-area pop/house/R&B musician Ultra Naté.

True to Burns’ taste, the release is chock full o’ deep, soulful house. But the first thing you might notice is the shrill, scratchy vocal on opening track “Legends.” If it sounds like it was recorded on a cell phone, that’s because it was: Burns told DMC World Magazine, “I recorded the sample on my phone at a ball at the [Baltimore club] Paradox. When the MC came out with all guns firing in this ‘Legendary’ tirade. The track sort of wrote itself and inspired me to push for a heavy and dark ballroom influenced vibe.”

A bit of trivia: What local record shop is shown on the EP’s cover? Hint: the same one Burns and Beautiful Swimmers are DJing at tomorrow for Record Store Day. Drop the correct answer in the comments and you win an invisible prize.