Hometown punk legends Bad Brains played Friday and Saturday at the newly opened Howard Theatre. If the pairing felt out of place—-hardcore legends don’t usually play in venues with polished mahogany walls, sparkling clean bathrooms, and ads for upcoming Michael Bolton shows—-well,  Bad Brains have never been typical. Frontman H.R.‘s voice hypnotized during reggae-flavored songs like “I & I Survive” and “I Luv I Jah”; the band body-slammed the crowd with thrash-like renditions of its punk material, like “At the Movies” and “Pay to Cum.” While the crowd crawled over heads and threw themselves against each other to the manic “Banned in D.C.,” H.R. sat down on the drum riser and watched it all unfold. Fury and serenity—-in some combination or another, that’s what Bad Brains has always been about.

See a slideshow of photos from the show here.