It’s been a while since Last Tide has had new recorded material, but word is the local group’s debut full-length, Lost to Memory, has been brewing for a while. The nine-track comes out in physical form May 15—-and the band will celebrate its self-release on May 19 at the Black Cat—-but for now you can stream the thing on Bandcamp.

Since its 2009 EP, Last Tide has slimmed its lineup—-the band’s a three-piece now—-and widened its palette. Frontman Nate Frey‘s baritone can be gothy and morose, in the Bauhaus vein, or warbly and emotionally ragged, like something you’d hear on a Saddle Creek album circa 1999. The group, which also includes Rob Miller and Michael Baxter, specializes in charging, mopey anthems, sometimes interrupting the storm clouds with the kind of chromatic, arena-tweaking guitar solo Billy Corgan once favored. More on the record later; for now, my favorite song is “Florida Ave.”—-a rewardingly upbeat track from a band whose major-key moments are few. More of this, please.

Listen to Lost to Memory below: