The copy editors among us will remember the Washington Project for the Arts\Corcoran (WPA\C), the backslash-abusing acronym for the artist-membership nonprofit organization. Once upon a time, the \C represented the merged interests of the WPA and the Corcoran Gallery of Art. The short history: The WPA launched in 1975, merged with the Corc in 1996 during hard times, and went its own way again in 2008.

By all appearances, there were no hard feelings. The WPA and the Corcoran (no backslash, thanks) has announced “Take It to the Bridge,” a joint effort to bring artists to the Performance Bridge, a performance space tucked into the transom over the Corcoran’s 17th Street NW entrance. In February, artist Holly Bass opened up the Performance Bridge by staging a seven-hour endurance-dance performance on the Bridge.

The call for proposals applies to artists from DMV and West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware (there’s got to be a short-hand way to write about these states); artists who are selected will receive a $500 honorarium. The runway on this one’s short: Proposals are due on Monday, May 21, and the performances—or whatever—will take place each Saturday from May 26 through September 1.

Photo by Kate Warren