Chuck Brown’s manager, Tom Goldfogle, once told me that all of the Godfather of Go-Go’s appointments—-public performances, quick lunches, doctor’s appointments—-were padded by at least 20 minutes on either end, because everywhere Chuck Brown went, people stopped him and asked to have a picture taken with him. And Brown never turned down a request.

One thing that’s been said of Brown, since word of his passing spread yesterday, is how much he loved his fans, and how he continued to be grateful for their love and support throughout his career. And with those words have come supporting photos—-it seems every Washingtonian (or Virginian, or Marylander) worth their salt has a pic standing next to Chuck Brown. He was surely the most photographed man in D.C., and it’s incredible that he took the time for so many snaps over the years.

Live shots of Brown are amazing; portraiture of him—-always in his trademark hat and shades—-is fantastic. But nothing captures Brown like those quickly snapped pics of him standing next to fans, smiling the same genuine smile in each and every shot.

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