Glad to have you back, Panda Head Magazine. Morgan West‘s six-year-old operation—-which began as a street-style blog and evolved into a sharply designed online magazine—-has released its sixth issue, and it features some pretty swanky-looking fashion editorials, which perhaps is your thing. Or maybe donuts are: Photographer Victoria F. Gaitán has posed her gallerista pin-ups with bacon, mysterious goos, and a pig’s head, but for Panda Head she seems to have come to her inspiration by way of Krispy Kreme.

Also in the issue: Photos and illustrations by Lauren Friedman, fashion shoots around town, and a pair of inventive videos creatively embedded into the magazine layout. Kudos especially to Erik Loften for his video “Avon Pl.” which nicely upends the linear arc of a fashion show.

In an email, West writes that she, Loften, and Kate Green began working on this version of the issue in early March. “We actually have a ‘Lost’ Issue 6 that we were planning on getting out a year or so ago that for various reasons (work, life, harddrives, etc) never saw the light of day,” she writes. “We’re thinking about revisiting some of that content for Issue 7, but yeah – it’s been a couple of years since Issue 5, so we were really excited to get back into it.””

So, yeah: Go admire this thing. (Also, Panda Head is providing some sort of visual element at Brightest Young Thing’s Zoo Bisou Bisou party at the Embassy of France on Saturday.)