Yesterday would’ve been the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, the inventor of the Moog analog synthesizer, aka one of the coolest-sounding instruments in the history of music. As it often does on the birthday of a famous weirdo, Google created a “doodle” in tribute: a functional facsimile of a Moog. Surely the Web’s more musical denizens lost hours of productivity as a consequence.

I asked some D.C. musicians to play around with Moogle—-to write a piece of music, record it using the doodle or on their own, and send it my way. (The ones recorded via Moogle seem to only work on some computers.) America Hearts‘ Kristina Buddenhagen recorded the group’s new single, “A Whole Lotta Love,” on the Moogle. The Aquarium‘s Jason Hutto, no stranger to wacky-sounding keyboards, came up with this. Ian Graham of Lenorable sent in this version. And ACME‘s Prince Weirdo sent in this one, which he describes as “cops and robbers hot pursuit chase.”

And Thomas Orgren—-a member of Typefighter and The Torches, a recording engineer, and apparently quite the overachiever—-played around with the Moogle in Avid Pro Tools, did some table-tapping, and came up with this, which sounds like the lost soundtrack to Galaga.