On WDCW-TV, Mark Segraves devoted his entire NewsPlus show this week to a 2010 interview he did with the late Chuck Brown at Uline Arena. Uline, which is no longer open, was where Brown started working as a shoe-shine boy when he arrived in D.C. as a kid—as well as the Howard Theatre, where Brown will lie in state on Tuesday before his funeral Thursday. “There’s a certain vibe you feel when you walk inside here,” Brown told Segraves. “And I’m always reminiscing. I love to reminisce and remember things. Those things I could never forget.” He also reminisced in the interview about D.C. radio legend Petey Greene, who Brown met while they were both incarcerated at Lorton.

The show aired this morning on Channel 50, but you can catch the entire program online here.

Photo by Mike Madden via Instagram