Back in March, I singled out House Studio DC as D.C.’s best recording hub, following the young operation’s quick ascent to prominence in the DMV. So I’d understand if Yudu Gray Jr. and his squad decided to chill out. Not so fast.

The studio’s recently released single, rapper Yaboy Dave‘s “Breathe,” is the first from the House Vol. 1 compilation, which drops in June. The song—-an atmospheric tune about chasing dreams—- also features Javier Starks, with singers Carly Burns and Jake Grotticelli handling hook duties: Burns’ vocals are served straight-up, while Grotticelli’s are filtered through a Vocoder. The results are plausible. While “Breathe” offers a familiar take on the “hater” motif, airy production and wafting vocals help the song resonate. It doesn’t proceed; it lingers.

Go here to download the song. Listen below.