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Considering the design merits of show posters spotted around the District

The Show: The Yellow Dogs, Dangerosa, and Washerwoman at Comet Ping Pong on May 18

Description: A face in profile, with prominent nose and teeth, is rendered in red; its outline is duplicated in gradient shades of orange. The face is swathed in wavy lines—fingers? dreadlocks? seaweed?—which take up about half the poster. Those lines are the main visual draw; there’s a lush texture to them, and the tomato-red pops against the pale yellow background. Overlayed is a brown sans serif font stating the show’s details. This is an illustration, but it replicates in a smart way the merits of a first-time experiment in screen-printing: thick lines, bright colors, simple shapes.

Aesthetic-Pleasure Ranking: 8. It’s nice that the text treatment isn’t scrawled in black Sharpie, but it’s too aggressive for the kinda dreamy illustration—I’m knocking off points for the distraction. Overall, though, this is easy to read and visually engaging. Some high-school local music fan might’ve grabbed this and tacked this onto their bedroom wall not just because they dig Washerwoman’s dirge-y lo-fi, but because it’s a good-looking piece.

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