Amanda Abrams leads this week’s arts section: For her story, she embedded with the Dance Exchange during its 500-mile walk to the site of a removed mountain in West Virginia. Out of that journey, the troupe plans to create a piece called “How to Lose a Mountain.” Jeffry Cudlin reviews “Jasper Johns: Variations on a Theme,” a survey of the artist’s printmaking that helps decode his long, perplexing career. Andrew Noz reviews the long-stewing “debut” of Oddisee, the local rapper/producer who is one-third of the group Diamond District. Joe Warminsky reviews the sophomore full-length by avant-garde duo Janel & Anthony, which it turns out isn’t alienating in the slightest. Tricia Olszewski reviews Prometheus, Ridley Scott‘s return to the Alien universe. Rebecca J. Ritzel reviews two plays with lessons about sex and friendship, Bachelorette and Spring Awakening. And Chris Klimek praises Woolly Mammoth’s Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play, in which the world has ended and the oral tradition must be rebuilt with memories of The Simpsons.