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In which our art critics highlight their favorite works on view at Artomatic

“…You can indulge it all. That’s what our modern age is about,” she typed. I tabbed back to Skype from IRC and tried to structure a reply, but then I got a text message and, what?…

The quote is some of the gibberish generated by Justin Cameron’s “son of the adding machine,” a series of nonlinear narratives that visitor/participants have thumb-tacked to the wall of this 11th floor installation over the duration of the exhibition. A gadget sits on a desk. Press a button on the gadget and a narrative prints for the visitor, complete with coupons, paid advertisements, or reminders. If the Internet spit out receipts of what you just viewed on socia media, this might be it. As a whole, they’re like eavesdropping mid-conversation on Twitter or Facebook, without the effort to scroll through earlier comments or dive onto a person’s wall for some context. In the end, the receipt is an awkward escapist glance into the fleeting thought of a “friend,” as viewed from the hell of an office space.