When record stores no longer exist—-except as holograms in some sort of virtual backwater where only the nerdiest of record nerds would dare to go—-we’ll look fondly upon this low-key “producer digs out a record and makes a beat from it” video featuring DMV producer Grussle (aka E-Minah) and produced by Anthony “Gadget” Mims’ Digital Hustle Films. Their hook? Grussle dips into Som on 14th Street NW (owner Neal Becton has a cameo), and is allowed to select only one LP from the dollar bins. He’s not allowed to listen to the record before buying it. He rolls out with some late-era Carrie Lucas and flips a gooey but slightly aloof groove into a more acid-jazz-tinged head-nodder. The full version is at Gadget’s Backpacktheory.com. (He’s the guy who did the Ghostface/DMV beat tape, and he’s got a similar project coming in July, this time dedicated to MF Doom.)