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In which our art critics highlight their favorite works on view at Artomatic

Simply put, Stephanie Rudig has a way with words. Her installation on the fourth floor of Artomatic is a playful collection of words, puns, and double entendres. Example: letter pairings in which letters of the alphabet take on additional meaning when they’re lumped with other letters. V becomes VIP. D becomes DJ. Q becomes Q&A. The installation is no doubt inspired by the death of the letter—-or rather the slow demise of the postal system.

The first series in the yellow-painted room displays photographs of postal artifacts. Public mailboxes serve as gravestones and a hearse has been painted like a mail truck. The installation connects to an end table stacked with cards, envelopes, and pens, wherein you can write a note to the artist and, presumably, put it in her mailbox (though, after reading the philosophical quotes by “Socratitties” and “Immanuel Kunt,” you may prefer to take that note and “stuff it in her box”). The whole thing is an interesting meditation on writing, and the significance of letters (both symbols and correspondence), as well as the fruitless and sometimes obscene thoughts that go through graphic designers’ minds while working on boring brochures. And, if the postal service keeps going the way it does, one day there might be nothing to write home about… dirty notes included.