Yesterday, BYT replaced its mock-suicide-note-for-Morrissey-tickets contest with a Mad-Libs-for-Morrissey-tickets contest. The change was made after I.M.P. Productions, which is presenting the concert, asked BYT to pull the contest.

I.M.P. spokesperson Audrey Schaefer writes in an email, “The first time we saw the contest was when it was posted. We asked them to pull it and they did immediately. You’ll see they replaced it with another contest that’s appropriate and removed all mentions of the previous contest.”

Though some users in 9:30 Club’s forum have called for I.M.P. to cease its promotional partnership with BYT, Schaefer writes, “Everyone makes mistakes. Other than this we’ve not had any issues.”

BYT also put the changed contest page behind a login screen. Here’s the new language, grabbed from Showlist D.C., since BYT’s page seems to be inaccessible to certain City Paper staffers:

TO WIN: Since there is no longer any truth to there being a light that never goes out (oh, song title puns!), and Morrissey has (has not? whatever) announced he’ll be retiring in 2014, why not string together a couple of paragraphs using only Morrissey’s lyrics. Okay, you can use The Smiths too. If you must.

Schaefer writes that the login screen was BYT’s call, not I.M.P.’s.

For a rundown of what’s happened since BYT launched the original suicide-note contest on Tuesday, see Showlist D.C.