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D.C. rapper Tabi Bonney has forged a respectable career by being unorthodox. His rhymes carry the city’s unmistakeable twang and in recent years his music has leaned toward silky pop stylings as often as it has toward conventional hip-hop. Raheem DeVaughn is the city’s most recognizable vocalist, whose career trek has integrated standard soul, hip-hop, and a little bit of bounce beat.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that go-go mainstays TCB provide the bouncy backdrop for Bonney and DeVaughn’s new song, “Need a Girl,” on which the lovelorn musicians bemoan their female prospects, or lack thereof. “I’m just so tired of the ones that ain’t shit/The ones that never ever been ambitious,” the two chant with nursery-rhyme swing.

Elsewhere, they long for different things: DeVaughn wants “somebody who don’t take no shit”; Bonney wants his girl motivated and down to earth. So while the D.C. performers are still looking for love, at least we get a good song out of it. Listen and download below.