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All strip clubs are not created equal, and in D.C. one pole reigns supreme: Stadium Club. The news that the upscale Queens Chapel Road NE strip joint will become the backdrop of a new reality TV series isn’t so surprising, at least to anyone who’s been following along. Fine cigars, ridiculous liquor markups, a shit-ton of brushed steel, Elvis—-it has all the typifiers of a quality titty bar. But what gives Stadium that extra bit of glitziness, which makes it attractive to athletes, stars, and apparently reality-television producers? Easy. Rappers love Stadium.

And not just local rappers. Here are a few examples of hip-hop artists professing their appreciation for D.C.’s soon-to-be-famous Stadium Club.

Waka Flocka Flame featuring Drake – “Round of Applause”

In what’s arguably the most high-profile mention of Stadium, Drake reps the club during his guest spot on Waka’s grinding stripper anthem. “I’m up in Stadium in D.C., still tipping, man,” Drizzy says (double entendre!), foreshadowing his much-publicized bottle-popping at Eden some months later. (Joe Colly)

Wale – “Bait”

Ever the longstanding D.C. ambassador, Wale makes this 2011 standout a roll call of local player style (Hugo Boss, New Balance) and things that aren’t worth bragging about (Wiz tickets). The strip-club line (“They clappin’ and we ballin’/Oh how fitting, we at Stadium”) only fits as a quick nod to club life, and it’s kinda weird because the song is about how, whether you’re a “Towson hoe” or a mermaid, Wale is lady bait. (Ramon Ramirez)

Fat Trel — “Respect With the Tech”

Remember that time People magazine tried to break up Lamar and Khloe cause Lamar was hanging out at Stadium with Fat Trel? Whenever Trel’s in the building, that’s one kind of destruction that follows in his wake. The other, more heart-pumping kind of recklessness Trel’s known for is communicated in “Respect With The Tech,” his Lex Luger-assisted magnum opus. This isn’t the first or only time Trel name-drops the neon chapel in his catalog, but it does give a good idea of how the Fat Fool’s weekends generally play out. Sundays are for strip clubs. (Carlos Perez)

Emilio Rojas featuring Paypa, Phil Ade, Skeme – “Classic (Remix)”

Rojas’ shine-sharing remix plays out as a would-be posse takes turns rapping about rapping. Paypa has a nice bit about Don Cornelius and “crews rocking like U2,” and Maryland’s Phil Ade delivers a workmanlike verse about representing, hence the obligatory toast to where one can ball in the District (“Fuck a Visa—all cash on me/I’m up at Stadium—all ass on me”). I usually just have my Visa and the hope for the night is that the ATM doesn’t card read error my shit. (Ramon Ramirez)

Gucci Mane – “Club Hoppin”

Throw out your street-marketing plan, aspiring rappers: Gucci is doing pro bono work. Or if you’re not an aspiring rapper (are you sure you’re not, though?), consider this track off Gucci’s Trap Back mixtape your bucket list, cuz Gucci’s getting strip-club nostalgic like your grandpa rattling off stories from before he met your grandma. You can try to keep track of all the spots Gucci checks—-I lost track at 27—-but rest assured, these strip clubs are la crème de la crème. Sure, it’s not his best rap about clubs, but it does draw on a time when Gucci wasn’t just the hottest street rapper in Atlanta, he was the biggest rapper in D.C. too, even if it hurts to admit it. (Carlos Perez)

Shawty Lo featuring Twista and Wale – “Pocahontas”

Most hip-hop songs that mention Stadium merely work in a regional shout-out that simultaneously shows power and status. But my guess is you’d actually hear “Pocahontas” at Stadium. Atlanta’s Shawty Lo drives the snap, and the track cedes the power to the girls on the hook: an uncredited woman says “I can make it rain” over and over. The song gives props to one of Halloween’s most underrated costumes while Shawty Lo half-asses money poetry and Chicago’s Twista raps reliably fast. Wale works in the club (“I’m up at Stadium with dollas/I’m a make that pussy holla”) because he pretty much has to. (Ramon Ramirez)

Tyga feat. Wale, Fabolous, Meek Mill, Young Jeezy, and T.I. – “Rack City (Remix)”

On this scattered-and-smothered rework of Tyga’s massive hit, Wale doesn’t pass up the opportunity to mention his favorite hometown strip joint. “And yeah we up in Stadium, quarterbacking hoes,” he raps. “Quarterback” sounds awkward and vaguely threatening in this context, but, y’know, it’s Wale. (Joe Colly)