MF DOOM has always been tough to characterize. On the surface, the London-born, Long Island-based MC is downright unorthodox: Much like the comic book villains he emulates, DOOM wears a metal mask at all times and tends to recede from the public eye. On the mic, he’s equally eccentric, often combining disparate thoughts into one idiosyncratic rhyme. When paired with the right producer, the results are equally magnetic and quirky.

So it must be challenging to cultivate a beat tape for DOOM. Yet that’s what DMV producer Gadget has done with The Chronicles of Viktor: The MF’in DOOM Beat Tape Vol. 1, a gargantuan 88-track (!!!!!!) compilation of original, DOOM-inspired beats submitted by producers throughout the U.S. Released Wednesday, the composers fused the rapper’s disembodied vocals with their own beats.

This isn’t the first project Gadget has cultivated. Released in December, The Ghostface Beat Tape was a DMV-only project featuring beats from Judah, Kev Brown, yU, and Surock, among others. Listen and download the DOOM project below.