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When elements of Mike Daisey‘s monologue The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs turned out to have been fabricated, journalists didn’t line up to attack Daisey the way henchmen do in martial arts movies—they all piled on at once.

But Daisey had at least one unlikely defender: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Now Wozniak is coming to stand behind Daisey’s work in person. Woolly Mammoth Theater Company, where Daisey’s show was first performed and where it will reopen on July 17, announced today that Wozniak will appear at a special performance of the monologue on Saturday, Aug. 4, and will participate in a post-performance Q&A session with Daisey. Tickets for the event start at $100. The starting ticket price for most other performances during the run is $45.

In Daisey’s monologue, which covers the salad days of Apple in California as well as their present-day manufacturing practices abroad, Daisey depicts Wozniak as the less mercenary, more innocent half of the brain trust that begat the world’s most iconic and most profitable tecnology company. In the wake of the March 16 This American Life episode on which Daisey admitted he’d exaggerated the number of factories he visited and workers he interviewed during his 2010 fact-finding mission to China’s Special Economic Zone, Wozniak gave an interview to CNET defending Daisey’s methods. Here’s what he told CNET:

I’m a presenter. I give 50 or 60 talks a year. I’m involved in community plays, musicals and ballets, a lot of performing arts…what actors do is to try to dramatize issues and events that are real. When you’re watching Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show not everything they say is factual but what they’re presenting is real. It’s a method of presentation that brings issues and ideas more to your awareness.

Look for more coverage of Daisey’s return to D.C. in this week’s Washington City Paper.