Chris Klimek has this week’s cover story with a reported essay about Mike Daisey, the monologist whose The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs ignited a controversy in the world of American theater when it was revealed to contain numerous lies and exaggerations. Daisey returns to Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company this month, but Klimek wonders why he’s still performing his disgraced play.

Leading the arts section is Marcus J. Moore‘s profile of Eddie Bryant, a D.C. comedian whose repertoire centers heavily on the politics of gentrification. Kriston Capps admires Conner Contemporary’s “Academy 2012,” but wishes the city had more showcases of undergraduate and graduate artists. Lindsay Zoladz admires the fury and technical prowess of punk duo Trophy Wife. Tricia Olszewski scopes two documentaries about doing the best with what you’ve got—-Ballplayer: Pelotero and 5 Broken Cameras. And in One Track Mind, Zoladz talks to D.C. newbies Mary Christ, who are in the business of DIYing the grunge mainstream.