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Earlier this week, Yung Gleesh, a co-founder of D.C. bounce-beat group TOB, released the second rap mixtape in his Cleansides Finest series, Raw and Uncut [Lost Tapes]. It follows the same jackin-for-beats model, this time with unwitting contributions from dudes like in-house Wiz Khalifa producer Johnny Juliano to Brick Squad regular Zaytoven to this Imogen Heap that for one reason or another has been muse to countless bedroom producers over the past year. Raw and Uncut is only half as long as the last installment, but is just as dense in nonsense terms like geetchies, fanaegos, finesses and boofs as it is temperamental and moody, meaning some explanation, preferably from the shitbag shawdy himself, might be helpful.

I like that song “Feel How I Feel.”

All that shit man, that’s at my prime of me being outside, being out there bangin’, sleeping in my car. The whole “Cleansides Finest”—-that was when I was out there, out there just picking up on the rap shit for the fun of it and I was out there. So I’m trying to show you how I feel cuz I was still goin through that strugglin’ and shit.


You said you called it “Shitbag Music.” Could you explain that a little more?

Rest in peace, Bob. Shout out to State Prop and Sirsum Cordas, and all them. That’s where I got “shitbag” from, Sursum Corda, Bob. He dead now, The King Bob. They called him “King Bob” cuz it’s another Bob out there—-there’s a couple Bobs out there—-but he King Bob, youngin’. He was like 25 and he ran that shit. Don’t nobody wanna smoke with that man, nobody start nothing with King Bob. He always used to be like “Shitbag, yeah, shitbag.” Tall as shit, tallest light-skinned nigga out there with brown dreads, “Shitbag yeah shitbag. How you gon’ stop a ragin bull? You can’t. You just gotta move. Shitbag, shit shitbag.” All of that, from sleepin’ in my car out here trying to get this money, or shit-baggin’ in the trap. I ain’t wash my drawers, I ain’t change my drawers in like five days, you hear me? Anything, to how I don’t give a fuck how I dress, I got stains on my shit or whatever. Fuck everything.

… and if I don’t get my way fuck everything cause I ain’t seeing what I wanna see. I ain’t happy. You happy. I see you happy, you smiling and I know you’re a bitch-ass nigga, you snake, you a flake-ass or something. You out here smiling, feeding your kids! Then I’m about to shitbag you! Be a shitbag, be the worst type of person there is even though it’s not really permanent, it’s just for the time being. It’s for a reason.


Could you talk a bit about the song “I’m Not a Gangsta?”

I could be perceived as something else, a lot of people got an image of me, cuz they heard, they seen what I do and shit. I ain’t really no gangbanger, I don’t claim no set. I’m from a hood, from a street and shit. I ain’t with no names, got me in no bloods or crips. D.C. don’t get down with all that gangbanging shit, all that dying for colors and shit. I’d rather die for a nigga I grew up with from the sandbox than a nigga I’m just meeting and he got on the same shirt as I got, same color shirt that I got. I ain’t about to die for you cuz of that! I’ma die for you cause I know you. I ain’t no gangsta. I ain’t no gangbanga.


… and so “Cleansides Finest”, that was about all your friends from 18th and Monroe NE?

Yeah, yeah I’m surprised you got hip to that shit. That’s all my men. Everybody, everything I said was trill bill on that shit, like “Cap don’t know if his joint works,” to Flashy heading through the Glover’s yard, everything. “My phone been on silent cause the feds try to find me,” gon’ slip through the backyard, all that shit. It’s just what I was going through at the time. We was out there heavy, the whole 18th Monroe.

You still out on 18th?

Well, yeah I’m still out there, I still be fuckin’ with my man and them. That’s where I came from, but I’m trying to get out of here, man. I ain’t trying to be stuck here with the crabs in the barrel. It’s always Cleanside though. 18th Monroe.

Download: Yung Gleesh — Cleanside’s Finest Pt. 2