The Board Administration’s resident Scottie Pippen is tight with D.C. fire-starter Shy Glizzy. Ever the Big Brother volunteer, Black Cobain mentored Glizzy by way of rapping on his popular, generally solid mixtape. Now the Board has released “Faded,” another collaboration between the two.

“Faded” is an iron-strike song designed to fan the flames of area buzz. It’s kinda stale but perfectly sippable, like a pizza-delivery liter of Coke, and it concerns: cognac-sippin’ women; dirty Sprite; the virtues of having enough ice cubes to accomodate house-party guests; hanging out with Jamaicans; mistaken haters; blueberry muffins; and eatin’ pussy like it’s fresh out the oven.

Black Cobain is twice the technician Glizzy is, but the most evocative imagery comes from the kid. At press time, “Faded” is on the bubble for that Street Sweepers II. Download it here, or listen below.