No, it is not. But according to New York’s Complex magazine, Black Cat’s Red Room is one of the top 25 “douchiest bars in Washington D.C.” Here’s the mag’s excruciatingly bitter take:

The Black Cat is a great concert venue, but its Red Room bar is reminiscent of the gateway to hell that you’ll remember from the original Amityville Horror. The drinks are cheap, as they should be at a place that reeks of hipster douche. Good luck getting one of those cheap drinks easily on a crowded night; the only way it’ll happen is if you’ve sold coke to one of the bartenders. Recently. Also, start counting from 100, because it’s only a matter of time before the kids who can’t handle their liquor begin yacking in unison. If you can deal with that—and the eye-burning musk of a small room packed with people smelling how they like—then you’re cool here. Our advice: if you’re there for a show, just chill upstairs.

On a list that includes actually unsavory bars like McFadden’s and The Greene Turtle, the Red Room, one of the last remaining low-key places to drink in the U Street NW area, is a bizarre inclusion. Now that indie kids have gotten tired of calling things douchey, it seems the term has been appropriated by the anti-hipster set and redirected at so-called hipsters. Well, that’s interesting. Should we start calling douchebags hipsters now? Are they the same thing?

If you get pissed enough to Google the guy who wrote this list, you’ll get nothing. Why? Simon Cosart is a nom de plume. According to my friend at the magazine, the phony name is a deterrent against harassment from angry readers. The author is a regular freelance contributor.

Come on, Complex. Own your shit talk. Take a tip from Washington City Paper: The worst that could come of this is a lawsuit.

Photo courtesy Black Cat