Trophy Wife drummer and former Del Cielo member Katy Otto may live in Philly these days, but she’s still got one foot in the District. Case in point: the latest compilation from Otto’s Exotic Fever Records, which benefits The District Alliance for Safe Housing, a local non-profit that aids victims of domestic and sexual violence. And Tonight the City Safely Sleeps contains music from a handful of D.C.-rooted acts, including Edie Sedgwick (whose Justin Moyer writes for Washington City Paper), Cat Furniture, and Edie Moss (Exotic Fever founder Bonnie Schlegel). The 16-track comp also includes cool tunes from Avec, Now Sleepyhead, Thank God, and other arty punk acts from around the country.

And Tonight the City Safely Sleeps is the fifth benefit compilation from Exotic Fever—-and as it turns out, the last. Otto writes in an email:

Every single one of our comps has raised awareness and much needed funds for the organization it was designated for, and we intend the DASH comp to be no exception. These projects, though, are like herding kittens. Getting 16 bands to turn in anything on deadline is murderous.

In a digital age, single tracks off the comp are still selling, but the CD format makes comps a more challenging project to get out to audiences. People don’t buy cds the way they used to. We have been very proud to have comps with beautiful, engaging art – and titles like this one that help tell the story of the work.

DASH are incredible – a survivor-centered approach to domestic and sexual violence service provision and resources. We hope this project will help clue more people in to their work. The artists on the comp are all very passionate about ending the culture of violence and providing assistance to those most affected by it.

You can buy the comp here. Or you can get it for free at a benefit show for DASH at the Black Cat on Thursday, August 16 (acts include Southern Problems, King Zay, Hugh McElroy, and Cat Furniture). Take a listen to Edie Moss’ contribution to And Tonight the City Safely Sleeps—-a cover of “Girl,” by a band you probably know—-below.

[audio:|titles=Edie Moss – Girl]