WASHINGTON, DC: Chicago's I:Scintilla perform at Spellbound/Recessions. August 11, 2012. ? Brandon Wu for the Washington City Paper.

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It’s vaguely surprising to me to see Chicago’s I:Scintilla playing at a basement bar’s goth night rather than at an actual rock club. Their music is nothing if not accessible, full of catchy melodies, big rhythms, and frontwoman Brittany Bindrim‘s excellent vocals—-all served up with an energetic and infectious stage presence. But there they were on Saturday night, playing to an enthusiastic crowd at Spellbound DC, a regular goth/industrial gathering housed in Recessions, a downtown bar, on a “stage” separated from the dance floor by some strategically placed chairs. Aside from some sound issues that made Bindrim’s vocals inaudible for pieces of a few songs, the band (in trio form for this show, with Bindrim, guitarist Jim Cookas, and drummer Vincent Grech) put on a solid show. It’s always fun to see bands deliver an intimate set to their core set of fans, but it’d be great to see I:Scintilla playing to a wider audience next time they’re in D.C.

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