Earlier this summer, production company Media Boomtown released the DVD of Sweet Rock: The Red Weasel Story, a 35-minute documentary about a Salisbury, Md., band that was a small oasis of grunge-era good times on the Eastern Shore and whose members were familiar with D.C.’s late ’80s/early ’90s scene. Red Weasel‘s primary Washington connection eventually was Simon Jacobsen, a first-wave Dischord dude who played in State of Alert and Snakes, and agreed to produce the band’s 1991 debut Rawlsdeep EP.

Jacobsen, now a dapper Georgetown architect, says in the film that he took the music to the Dischord crew, but Ian Mackaye “had reservations about it because they weren’t a D.C. band, and he was doing the D.C. punk rock thing.” (Mackaye, no stranger to music documentaries, doesn’t make an appearance.) The highlight of the DVD’s extra features is a track-by-track breakdown of Rawlsdeep by Jacobsen, who provides some thoughtful commentary about how to take an unsung but talented band and do it justice. There’s also a second disc that includes a newly remastered version of the EP, which definitely has its Dischordian moments.