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Southeast D.C.’s Lady Moet Beast and D.C. Ty the Monster—purveyors of “crudd rock” and bad-Santa tunes—made a song for the Nats a few years ago, when the team was not so good. The Nats are definitely good now, so “The Nationals Anthem” is making a comeback.

The musical wife-and-husband team is planning to offer the stadium-sized rap track on iTunes soon, but it’s streaming at the website for their label, Draztick Measurez (and also here). I asked them five questions about it.

WCP: You wrote the song in ’09, right? Why did it sit around until now?
Lady Moet Beast: We didn’t necessarily sit on this song. We have been performing this song since we wrote it. We wanted to send it in to EA Sports for their MLB game but we wanted the Nats to get first dibs on the song. Every year when the season starts we hope that it would get picked up by the team as a game changer or motivate the team and city. We have been selling the single as a download and on game day to Nats fans ever since for $1.

WCP: Are you big baseball fans? Or did you make the song mostly out of hometown pride?
LMB: There was a contest a while ago for a team song so we submitted. I still don’t know if a song was chosen. Not a huge baseball fan. Our oldest son had worked there for a couple of summers. For me it was city pride. Besides, who better to write a song for the city’s team than Washingtonians? It needed to say this is a Washington team with a D.C. sound: Crank and Crudd Rock. D.C. doesn’t have just one sound. We infused rap/hip hop, rock, and go-go.

WCP: Have you played it for anybody in the Nationals organization? If so, what did they say?
D.C. Ty the Monster: Yes we did actually. We sent the song to to a gentlemen by the name of Tom Davis [the team’s entertainment coordinator]. He said he really liked the song. He told us he would run it up the chain and get back to us with any comments or ideas. We never heard anything after that.

WCP: You avoid making references to any specific players, past and present. If you were forced to mention one Nats player in the lyrics, who would it be?
DCTTM: Gio Gonzalez is the first name that comes to mind. Coming off his 16th win, what can I say. Gio can go!

WCP: You live pretty close to Nationals Park, right? Do you like having it in your backyard?
LMB: I used to live in Arthur Cappers before they tore it down. Then they transferred us to Barry Farms in 2002. I could see the completion of the stadium from there and the fireworks. Once the Capitol Quarters was complete they blessed us with the opportunity to come back, and we got to explore Yards Park. in all my years I never thought the south side could look so beautiful. But it is. We’re just glad to be a part of the community.

The article originally misidentified Tom Davis’ position with the Nationals.