Virgin Mobile FreeFest sold out in a record-setting two minutes on Friday, but Virgin Mobile USA is happy to hand out tickets to people willing to work for ’em.

Virgin Mobile’s charity for homeless youth, RE*Generation, will run its “Free I.P.” program through Sept. 28, giving volunteers a chance to donate “several hours of time” at certain local shelters in order to earn tickets to the Oct. 6 festival. Hours can come in the form of making bag lunches, donating supplies, or helping out with painting and gardening at living facilities. Interested? Sign up at the Free I.P. site.

According to a press release, the last three FreeFests have generated 75,000 volunteer hours and more than $500,000 through the Free I.P. program.

A press release notes that fans can also shell out for a “Freemium package,” with some of the proceeds benefiting youth homelessness.