There’s no denying Harmony Muzik‘s work ethic: When she isn’t crafting her own glossy blend of pop and rap, she compiles DMV-based showcases for her peers at out-of-town music festivals.

Yet as she made business moves, it seemed the Northern Virginia singer/rapper was still searching for her sound. Her debut album, 2010’s The Masquerade, reached for mainstream acceptance with catchy dance numbers suited for Top 40 radio formats. The album was OK, though it didn’t seem organic.

Harmony sounds natural on “Hiyaku,” the first single from her forthcoming EP, Conflict of Interest, slated for an Oct. 2 release. “This project is about me trying to find a balance between both sides of myself,” Harmony writes in an email, “as well as seeing what can happen when I put down the business side and just focus on my art.”

On “Hiyaku,” she trades rhymes with the prolific Tabi Bonney over gritty drums and faint synths. Listen and download below.