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Kriston Capps leads this week’s arts section with a profile of artist Cynthia Connolly, DIY lifer and curator of Artisphere’s “Beyond the Parking Lot” exhibit. (Fun fact: Know the Minor Threat sheep? Yeah, she made those.) In theater, Chris Klimek meditates on superheroes, which have been highly visible in movie theaters and on D.C.’s stages lately. “And yet, having been shown to be fundamentally absurd,” Klimek writes, “the superhero refused to die.” Trey Graham reviews Signature Theatre’s The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, which he calls “as good an election-year tonic as anything short of a politician getting getting pantsed at a podium.” Tricia Olszewski takes a shine to Lawless, the blood-soaked drama about a trio of bootleggers in 1931 Virginia, and she genuinely admires Sleepwalk With Me, comedian Mike Birbiglia‘s semi-autobiographical film about a struggling comic whose life problems manifest in late-night walkabouts. Finally, in One Track Mind, Reese Higgins talks to D.C. band Young Rapids about their song “I’m So,” which was inspired by their malaise with the corporate world.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery