On the surface, this new Tangie the Great pop-rap track, “Why,” seems to be a straight-up apology from a lady who unfairly dumps her mental issues on an unfailingly patient dude. “I know I put you through so much shit/But you don’t trip/I make it so it’s so much work/But you don’t kirk,” the Twitter-friendly P.G. County rapper says with a hint of amazement. But, of course, the apology comes with complications: Dude has to answer some questions about why he sticks around. Anybody who’s been in this situation knows what those questions really mean. It’s not about submission or humility, hell no. When Tangie says, “Tell me why you stay/Tell me why you love me,” the translation is, “You lasted this long, so you might as well go all-in and make me feel better about being a psycho, because I need that right now.” Doesn’t get much realer than that. Near the end of the song, she calls him an “ass” and “amazing” in the same sentence. Both things are probably true.

“Why,” produced by Black Light Music and mixed by Zechariah Wise, will appear on Tangie’s next mixtape, Not The Stereotype, which is expected in late fall. Her first release, All Types of Love, can be found here.