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This weekend in the Corcoran bridge: identity politics! Saturday, the Take It to the Bridge series hosts Carolina Mayorgas “Maid in the USA,” in which the artist will be engaged in a constant act of tidying up the gallery’s entryway.

The performance does something similar to the movie A Day Without a Mexican, drawing attention to residents that many Americans choose to ignore, despite the fact that the United States’ economy has become increasingly dependent on the contributions of immigrants.

Mayorga’s performance addresses stereotypes of Latin Americans, embracing a population that some politicians would like to sweep under the rug—-even while some newcomers might be sweeping their patios. Costumed in a dress typically worn for Cumbia dancing, Mayorga not only makes visible the act of labor, but seeks to reveal the cultural identity of the individual.

Take it to the Bridge runs to Sept. 15 at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.