D.C. punk rocker Vance Bockis, member of local punk and metal bands The Obsessed, The Factory, 9353, and Pentagram, died Saturday at age 50, reports WTOP.

Bockis spoke openly about his previous heroin addiction in Shift, a 2010 biography directed by Falls Church, Va., filmmaker Steven Biver. “I should be dead or I should be in prison,” says the musician. “While I was in the throes of my heroin addiction, one overdose, I woke up in the hospital, and it was like I just woke up after a couple hours, but it was nine days later. I was in a coma.”

According to Bockis’ wife, Linda Leisz Bockis, her husband had been clean and sober for more than six years. He died of a blood clot in their Fairfax County home following rotator-cuff surgery.

WTOP notes that 9353 had recorded new material recently, and The Factory was scheduled to play a gig at the Howard Theatre Sept. 29. A memorial service is scheduled for 6 p.m. Sept. 13 at the Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home.