What do riot grrrl and classical music have in common? Not much, right? Local documentary film producers Meridian Hill Pictures seem to think otherwise. Tonight, they are hosting a paired screening of two short films: Grrrl Love and Revolution: Riot Grrrl NYC and R. Luke DuBois: Running out of Time, at the Hillyer Art Space, sponsored by the Humanities Council of D.C.

Though the filmmakers are local, the subjects are not. D.C. music boosters are usually quick to point to riot grrrl’s origins in the two Washingtons (state and district) and not New York, the setting of Abby Moser’s documentary on the third-wave feminist punk movement. But it didn’t take long for riot grrrl to grow beyond the confines of the often solipsistic D.C. hardcore scene—-which, Elena Humphreys notes in the film, wasn’t always the friendliest to women—-and become a global phenomenon.

Similarly, H. Paul Moon’s film turns its attention to that other city up I-95, and to New York-based composer and visual artist R. Luke DuBois. Moon has collaborated with DuBois before: on Simple Machines, a shorter, meditative film which the composer scored. (Disclosure: I’m friendly with Moon.) In this, DuBois is at the center, as Moon explores his multimedia proclivities and application of slow- and fast-motion and algorithms to both his music and visual art (the latter has been displayed at the Smithsonian American Art Museum).

See the trailer for Grrrl Love and Revolution (42 min):

And for R. Luke DuBois (30 min):

Both films screen at the Hillyer Art Space (9 Hillyer Court NW) at 7 pm. $10 suggested donation. More info here.