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Has the “Brooklynization” of culture, as Justin Moyer termed it in his Washington City Paper essay last week, killed regional music scenes? It’s a question that’s generated passionate and varied reactions since Moyer’s piece, “Our Band Could Be Your Band,” went online last Wednesday. On Twitter, the piece has been called everything from “great” and a “must-read” to a “good example of a hidebound musician/writer refusing to acknowledge new models or new music.” One alt-weekly music editor criticized the piece’s “sloppy comparisons and leaky half-assed definitions.” Another wondered, “Is the ‘Brooklyn’ that Justin Moyer is writing about here actually ‘The Internet?'” The piece inspired a productive debate on the Electrical Audio message board. It also caused the commenters at Brooklyn Vegan to totally lose their shit.

Still thinking about the piece’s argument? Disagree vehemently? Let’s talk about it. Tomorrow, Moyer will discuss musical monoculture in a live chat on Arts Desk. We’ll get going around noon EST; you can also email me your questions in advance. Till then, follow Moyer’s advice: “Beware what you put on your iPod. It might not be dangerous.”

UPDATE: Here’s the link to the chat.