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Standout Track: “Fool” is a boiling, gurgling synth concoction that doesn’t go anywhere unexpected—it’s built around a simple, catchy hook by vocalist Gil Wojcik. “I was just another fool for you,” he sings. The beat is hearty enough for dancing, but this track’s greatest strength is its sing-along chorus.

Musical Motivation: Using Logic software and a microKORG synthesizer, Wojcik built the dance-pop earworm in his Hyattsville, Md., bedroom with his bandmate Justin Victoria, who came up with the beat. The duo has been around since March. “We’re still kind of learning how to make our songs,” Wojcik says. “So it’s kind of cool. Every song is a new way of approaching [making music].”

Heart Beats: The song is about someone who won’t commit to a relationship. “C’mon, say what you wanted/ But you never did and you won’t,” Wojcik sings. The opening line, “Crawling through your brain/ is like a never-ending maze,” is about a guy trying to figure out why he got dumped, Wojcik says. “He’s just crawling through this dark place of this person that screwed him over.”