Electronica artist and DJ Peaches brought her “DJ Extravaganza” to the Howard Theatre last night, but, true to form, it was so much more. Think: Gold thongs, bare breasts, and gilded water guns filled with condensed milk.

While she did man the turntable, that was just to provide backing music to her performance artistry, her half-naked dancers, and her awesome voice. She started things off with “The Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd, handling the rather difficult Clare Torrey vocal with ease. She spent the rest of the 90 minutes winding the crowd up with tracks like “Boys Wanna Be Her,” covering Pussy Riot (complete with Mexican wrestler masks), spraying Champagne over the audience, and overseeing a scene of simulated cunnilingus. By the time she got to the final song, “Fuck the Pain Away,” a full-on bacchanalia was raging.

At the end of the show, she and her dancers spent the next 45 minutes selling merch on the stage, taking photos with anyone who asked, and signing autographs. Seeing Peaches live is not for the meek, but those with the stomach to stick around will be rewarded every time.

See photos from the whole show in the gallery. Additional photos (including some NSFW), can be seen here.