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Is there a D.C. EDM sound? Not a consistent one, no.

D.C.’s suburbs birthed Dave Nada‘s Moombahton, a genre that mashed squealy Dutch house with reggaeton. Meanwhile, local label Future Times has no discernible musical link to D.C.’s most obvious musical exports: go-go and harDCore, despite Mike Petillo and Andrew Field-Pickering‘s time in local punk bands. (Disclosure: I’ve been friends with both Petillo and Field-Pickering for years.) Pop-flavored house trio Volta Bureau scours global disco and house. What unites say, Protect-UNacey (and his ensemble Misun), Jesse Tittsworth, Outputmessage (also of Volta Bureau), app-happy Bluebrain, everything on the loungey ESL label, synth-poppers Black Hills and PloyAlvin Risk, Gavin Holland,the no-longer-active Painted Face, and the deeeep house of Chris Burns? With only a couple of exceptions, not a lot—-assuming you don’t count the occasional shared bill, co-production credit, or genes (in the case of Painted Face’s Allie Alvarado and her brother Marcio, aka Alvin Risk).

Then there’s Benoit & Sergio, the local dance-pop duo that’s got an even more tenuous connection to “a local EDM sound”: Member Benjamin Myers has lived in Berlin for much of the duo’s existence. But we’ll claim them anyway—-and proudly, considering their track record: Last year’s Where the Freaks Have No Name and “Principles”/”Everybody” 12-inch were too bouncy to merely sip a cocktail to; their New Ships EP, released today on Visionquest, refines what Benoit & Sergio do so well: super fun, crystal-clear production anchored by a masterful hook.

We have the whole EP below. Take a listen, then strongly consider seeing them live Nov. 17 at Comet Ping Pong. (Note: Other outlets are saying Nov. 16, but that’s not accurate.)

[audio:http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/artsdesk/files/2012/10/VQ018-A1-Benoit-Sergio-Lipstick-Lace.mp3|titles=A1 Benoit & Sergio – Lipstick & Lace]

[audio:http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/artsdesk/files/2012/10/VQ018-A2-Benoit-Sergio-Not-In-Your-Nature.mp3|titles=A2 Benoit & Sergio – Not In Your Nature][audio:http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/artsdesk/files/2012/10/VQ018-B1-Benoit-Sergio-New-Ships-New.mp3|titles=B1 Benoit & Sergio – New Ships New]