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There’s something vaguely “Tim and Eric” about this promotional video, in which E.D. Sedgwick chitchats about elements of his upcoming album, We Wear White, which Dischord Records will release on Nov. 20. If it seems mildly un-Dischord to make a promotional video and also make it weird, consider that Sedgwick has always been weird.

More recently, his alter ego, Justin Moyer, clearly expressed a preference for provincial weirdness in a big ol’ essay about music that appeared in the City Paper. And it is unclear whether “Moyer” has finally replaced his refrigerator. He is his own man. Or men. Dischord surely knew what it was getting itself into. The interviewer in the video is G.L. Jaguar of Priests, a D.C. band. He seems more comfortable poolside than Moyer does. Among other things, Moyer talks about D.C. flag tattoos and that guy in your past who was a “Dionysian influence.” Moyer is originally from Philly (which is where Tim and Eric met, natch), so he is probably not lying about knowing people like that.