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How weirdly rewarding has this year been for Dismemberment Plan fans? The once-defunct-now-reformed indie-rockers continued their 2011 reunion, unveiling new material and making progress on recording a new album, their first since 2001’s Change. And in the spring, fledgling local label Bad Friend Records released a 7-inch of previously unreleased songs by frontman Travis Morrison‘s mid-2000s band, The Hellfighters. (Also, obsessive Morrisonologists will have enjoyed the singer’s riposte to this summer’s Emily White controversy, as well as the slightly cringe-worthy Slate article his wife wrote about “marrying a rock star.”)

But wait, there’s more: Morrison wrote yesterday on the D-Plan website that he has another band, and it’s playing a couple of shows this fall. The Burlies also includes David Brown of the Hellfighters and D.C.’s Poor But Sexy; Drew Butler of Cataract Camp (a Charlottesville band that made a Morrison-produced album in the mid-2000s, which it finally released it this year); and Eric Farr of The Diagnostics. And The Burlies are like…

We don’t really have much social media presence, or a website, or anything except a bunch of rock and roll songs. Mostly by us. We’re gonna do some Warren Zevon and Lovin’ Spoonful covers too if that’s what you’re into.

I’d say it’s meat and potatoes rock and roll. If the meat was locally sourced and it was served with roasted brussel sprouts and a micro-brew IPA.

So writes Morrison on the D-Plan site.

The Burlies play Nov. 1 at Cake Shop in New York City, which is where Morrison lives now. Then they play D.C. on Nov. 3 at DIY space Paperhaus, along with locals Typefighter and Laughing Man, a group we haven’t heard from in a minute. Should be exciting.