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Earlier today, NPR premiered “Fluid Bound,” a new song from local crust-metal quintet Ilsa. The track is from the band’s forthcoming full-length, Intoxicantations, a title NPR’s Lars Gotrich says is “a little hokey, like a B-movie with a lot of blood and bare-chested women, but still a line every metalhead or pulp comic-book writer will wish he’d thought of first.”

“Fluid Bound” is a grimy number: Its heavy guitar riffs drip with sludge, sometimes emitting piercing shrieks; lumbering drums are pockmarked with abrasive thuds; and its grizzly demonic vocals sound like they’re escaping from churning bile.

Intoxicantations doesn’t come out till Nov. 23, so the NPR stream should come in handy in the meantime. Below, listen to a couple of other new Ilsa tracks from the album via A389 Recordings.